Q: What is the difference between the Leezen MON.01 and Leezen MON.02 studio monitors?

A: The main difference between both models is the architecture of the HF driver. While the MON.02 uses a conventional silk dome tweeter, the MON.01 sports a ribbon tweeter. Which is best? As with anything else when we talk about sound and speakers, there’s no objective answer. It basically depends on your personal taste!


Q: Does the MIC.01 / MIC.02 need phantom power to operate?

A: Although they both use electret condenser capsules, the MIC.01 / MIC.02 get the power they need from the computer through the USB connection. No need for phantom power.


Q: Can I connect the MIC.01 / MIC.02 directly to my cell phone?

A: No. In order to operate the MIC.01 / MIC.02 need a standard USB connection to your personal computer and therefore are not suitable for direct use with cell phones. 


Q: I misplaced the owner’s manual of my Leezen product. Where can I find a replacement?

A: Please check the Download section on this website. All Leezen Owner’s Manuals are directly available  download. In order to read it or print it you will need a working copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF compatible application installed on your computer.


Q: Is the MIC.01 / MIC.02 compatible with my DAW?

Probably yes. Although Leezen products have been tested to work with most popular commercial DAWs (Cubase, Logic, GarageBand, Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, PreSonus Studio One, and others) we cannot guarantee they will work with all of them... but we are quite sure they will! However please note that MIC.01 / MIC.02 are only compatible with Windows and Mac OS based DAWs. Other operating systems are currently not supported.


Q: Are the ACC.03 / ACC.04 desktop stands safe to use with anything different from studio monitors?

A: Sure they are! Small sized controllers, effect units, mixers, etc. can be safely used with Leezen desktop stands. Djs and musicians use them both in the studio and on stage to hold their favorite devices.